About Periodontics

A periodontist focuses exclusively in the prevention, diagnosis, and also treatment of periodontal disease. Basically, periodontics specialists takes care of oral inflammation and also dental implants.

Periodontic treatments include scaling and root planning.  Basically, root planning is a process where damaged tissues are removed by your emergency dentist. Moreover, cosmetic dentist of periodontics use modern techniques and technology for treating serious diseases.

Periodontics in Southern California

Dentist who specializes in periodontics take care of patients with gum disease or a complex medical history. In the first visit, the periodontist looks at the patient’s medical and also dental histories. It is essential for the periodontist to know if any patient is taking any medications.  It is important because any treatment can severely affect their health.

The periodontist needs to take a good look on the gums and checks teeth. For example, it is crucial to examine the teeth to see if any are loose. In addition, the periodontist need to take measurement with an instrument called a probe. Basically, this probe is placed among the teeth and gums to know the deepness of those spaces, known as periodontal pockets.

This technique helps the periodontist to evaluate the health and strength of the patient gums. The cosmetic dentist may ask his patients to make X-rays to view the bone beneath the gum line.