Teeth Cleaning in Southern California

Teeth cleaning or prophylaxis (“to prevent beforehand”) is a process to remove plaque, hardened tartar, and other harmful agents from your teeth, that you may not be able to get with just brushing alone, especially areas areas that are difficult to reach.  A dentist or a hygienist performs the cleaning to prevent dental problems such as cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other gum diseases. The purpose of this dental procedure is to make sure your teeth are clean enough so that bacteria will not stick to your teeth and ensure your teeth remain healthy.  Contact Smile Center Southern California to set an appointment for a teeth cleaning 626-918-3388!

Benefits of Teeth Cleanings in Southern California

  • Prevents tooth loss and gum disease
  • Prevents diseases in the rest of the body like heart disease, dementia, and complications of diabetes
  • Maintain your healthy smile when you regularly see your dentist or hygienist
  • Freshens your breath and even boosts overall health

How to Care for your Teeth

  • Brushing and flossing after meals, or at least twice per day.
  • Eating a diet rich in vegetables.
  • Making an appointment for every three months if you have gum disease, or every six months if you don’t have gum disease and are just maintaining good health.
  • Cut down on sugary foods and drinks.
  • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco.

Is Teeth Cleaning Painful in Southern California?

Teeth cleaning is painless for the most part, especially at Smile Center Southern California.  Basically, cleaning involves tickling vibrations, the cooling mist of water, and some feeling of pressure. Some people like teeth cleanings and polishing and some are not a fan of their dentist doing this procedure.  At Smile Center Southern California, cosmetic dentist Dr. Ebi Nikjoo will make sure you are comfortable when getting your teeth cleaning done.