Dental Lumineers in Southern California

Lumineers are made of thin, strong porcelain material that helps you achieve a beautiful smile. In addition, it has a similar function as dental veneers. Also, unlike veneers, they are thinner. Lumineers are basically the contact lenses of the teeth. Contact our Smile Center Southern California dentist today to see if this procedure is right for you (626-918-3388).

Advantages of Lumineers

  • Does not require intense preparation (no drilling, no anesthetics, little to no pain)
  • Dentist can perform this treatment pretty quickly
  • No change in your teeth structure while improving your smile
  • Unlike veneers, it does not require any molding and are thinner

It is important to understand that this is a lifetime investment. At Smile Center Southern California, cosmetic dentist Dr. Ebi Nikjoo provides high quality treatment plan at an affordable price.

How Much do Lumineers Cost at Smile Center Southern California?

Lumineers can cost anywhere between $800 and $2,000 per tooth depending on the patient’s needs.  To get that dream smile, our cosmetic dentist here at Smile Center can provide you affordable treatment options. Hence, our emergency dentist Dr. Ebi Nikoo can provide you only the best treatment plan based on your particular needs.

Smile Center Southern California has partnered with GE Care Credit to make financing for your perfect smile simple and convenient. Click here to start the easy application process. Furthermore, many Certified Lumineers Dentist offer flexible and affordable monthly payment plans.  Also, these plans usually offer no down payment and has flexible interest.