One visit dentistry with CEREC. Our state of the art CEREC machine allows us to help you save time by performing procedure (Crowns & Inlays) usually in as little as one visit.

  • No Temorary
  • No Messy Impressions
  • One Ease Appointment
  • Long Lasting

CEREC is an advanced technology. Dentists use it to restore decayed, cracked, or chipped teeth. CEREC can create full crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. The CEREC machine crafts a restoration in a matter of minutes. CEREC restorations consist of compressed porcelain. That’s why they are stronger than laboratory restorations. The best thing about a CEREC resoration is that it only takes one visit. In addition to the benefit of a one visit restoration, there is no uncomfortable impression material to bite on or temporary to wear.


The procedure for placement of a CEREC restoration is very simple. The first step is to remove all decay from the tooth. The doctor will then shape the tooth in preparation to take a digital picture. The dentist then sprays the tooth with a very fine powder. This allows the digital camera to take an acceptable image. The image then appears on a computer screen in 3D. As a result, the doctor can design the restoration right in front of you. Once the design is completed, the CEREC mills the restoration. This step takes approximately 15 minutes. You can actually watch this process if you would like. Afterward, the doctor will place the restoration. The entire process should take just over an hour.

Digital X-rays

A lot of people in dentistry started using digital x-rays recently. A digital x-ray allows the dentist to take an image of the tooth or teeth and put it into an imaging program. Within this imaging program, there are also a number of tools that will allow the dentist to take a very close look at the teeth and surrounding structures with amazing accuracy. As a benefit to the patient, the digital x-ray also provides nearly 80% less radiation than a standard x-ray. This is due to the fact that the digital version of the x-ray is much more sensitive to this radiation and has been specifically designed with the patient in mind.